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Bracebridge Heath Neighbourhood Plan

Bracebridge Heath is a friendly and historic village, which is currently home to nearly 6000 people.

Over the next 25 to 30 years, many changes are planned in the local area to help ease the need for new homes. We know that some of those homes will be built in or near our village and we accept that this is inevitable. However, we can have a voice in the planning and construction of those homes and the necessary infrastructure needed to support them.

Our Neighbourhood Plan is an important document which carries real legal weight and will influence the look and feel of our village for years to come.

Please support the Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan sub-committee in its efforts to construct this vital Plan and have your say on what happens here for your and your family’s futures.

This website has the information you need to find out what the Plan is, what it can do and how it is being put together. If there’s anything you would like to ask about it, or you would like to join us in creating this important and historic document, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Vision..

…is this how you’d like to see it?

“Bracebridge Heath in 2035 will have retained its distinctive character as a friendly, historic village. Any changes will have been designed to enhance this character and add to the quality of life of its inhabitants. It will have gone some way towards becoming more self-sustaining in terms of energy and services, and will enable its residents and their families to remain in the village for the whole of their lives, if they wish to do so.”


 do we need a Neighbourhood Plan?

More info coming very soon

*This site is still being worked on and will continue to evolve throughout the construction of the Neighbourhood Plan*